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Celebrate Super-Awesome Dads, Hello Kitty Style

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Celebrate Father's Day Hello Kitty Style!

Spending time with your dad on Father’s Day is the best Hello Kitty way to celebrate your super-awesome dad!

Even though Hello Kitty’s father, George, works hard at his job at a trading company, he always finds time to play and be with Hello Kitty and her twin sister, Mimmy. So, every year for Father’s Day, Hello Kitty and Mimmy try to find a super-fun thing to do with their dad.

Your dad does so much for you all year long, so this is a great way to give back to him! But what to do? It just takes a little bit of planning (and perhaps mom’s help) to come up with a super-cool outing for you and your dad.

Ideas of Super-fun Things to Do with Your Dad on Father’s Day

You could start the day off with either breakfast in bed or a Sunday brunch and lots of love, flowers and homemade Father’s Day cards. Then it’s off to your special outing with your super-awesome dad!

Here are some things that Hello Kitty and Mimmy did for their dad.

One year they took their dad to a baseball game (or was it rugby? They live near London.) Anyway, they took him to a game and he loved it, especially since he was with his two favorite daughters! (And his team won!) If your father is a sports fan and loves baseball or soccer, there are plenty of games to go to with your super awesome dad!

Another year, Hello Kitty and Mimmy took their dad to a car show. He really enjoyed the older model cars that were displayed. But the best part of his day was spending time with his two girls! There are plenty of car shows right around Father’s Day! Many of them are small community car shows and don’t require an entrance fee.

This year, the girls are thinking about a camping trip with their dad. There are plenty of open spaces and weekend camping destinations nearby that would be super awesome! And if your dad likes to fish and has you hooked as well, then that just makes the whole weekend camping trip even better!

A few years ago, Hello Kitty and Mimmy decided to go mini-golfing with their dad. That was a lot of fun! They played mini-golf in the morning and then had a picnic lunch in a nearby park. What a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day with your dad!

Here are some other fun ideas of things to do with your dad:

  • Go to an amusement park
  • Visit a museum
  • Attend a concert or festival
  • Go to the beach, or nearby lake or river
  • Take a road trip to a place you and your dad love to visit

Whatever you choose to do, pick something your dad likes to do and your outing will be a super-awesome way to celebrate all the wonderful things he has done for you all year long!

Get Inspired by Father’s Day Around the World

Hello Kitty wishes her dad a Happy Father's DayDid you know that Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world? Not all countries celebrate it on the same day as in the U.S., but from Argentina to Thailand, from Finland to South Africa, almost every country has a special day to celebrate their super-awesome dads!

In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of their queen, Queen Sirikit, and of course, Father’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of their most beloved king, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It lands on December 5.  Everyone wears the king’s favorite color, yellow, to honor him. And fathers and grandfathers are presented with a canna lily, since the Thais consider it to have a masculine association.

Wouldn’t it be super awesome to wear your dad’s favorite color on Father’s Day? And give him his favorite plant to grow in the backyard? Super awesome!

In Australia, they celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September, which is also the first day of spring there. Victoria, one of the Australian states, crowns 32 Fathers of the Year, one from each of its 32 municipalities.

You can crown your super-awesome dad Father of the Year!

Mexico celebrates their Father’s Day with a 21-kilometer run through Mexico City’s Bosque de Tlalpan, an area of open space used for hiking and jogging, along with family festivities and lots of good food and music!

How about a hike or long walk followed by a wonderful dinner and music for your super-awesome dad?

Italy, Spain and Portugal celebrate Father’s day on the Christian holiday of St. Joseph’s Day, March 19. Their celebrations are similar to those in the U.S., with common gifts being cards, flowers and a present, along with a special outing.

You can’t go wrong with a heartfelt card and a gift you know your dad will like.

Russia celebrates not just fathers, but all men on what was once a holiday for commemorating the military. Soldiers are still honored with parades around the country, however, women give the men in their lives, not just their husbands, small gifts to honor them. It’s held on February 23. What a super-cool way to celebrate uncles and grandfathers!

If your father is no longer in your life for whatever reason, consider using this day to honor other important men in your life.

Father’s Day in India is just starting to be celebrated – it’s only been around for a decade. However, they celebrate it as enthusiastically as we do! Honoring one’s father is super awesome no matter where you live!

However you celebrate your super-awesome dad, just make sure you and your dad have fun spending time together! That’s the Hello Kitty way to celebrate Father’s Day!

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Hello Kitty Rides – All Pimped Out And Going Everywhere!

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Hello Kitty Rides - All Pimped Out and Going Everywhere

Hello Kitty and her fans need to be able to get places – to work, to school, to the mall, just everywhere! Why not get there in style – Hello Kitty style!

You can Hello Kitty pimp your ride on any budget, from decals to paint jobs, from rims to wraps, with accessories to complete the look!

Check out all the supercute ways Hello Kitty fans get around town.


You’ll look smart and cute when you get your Smartcar wrapped with Hello Kitty! Sanrio has made three different wrap styles available for Smartcar owners. These are just super kawaii!


This is Antonio Garay, the 6-foot-4, 320-pound former NFL defender for the Cleveland Browns and San Diego Chargers. Hello Kitty loves everyone and everyone loves Hello Kitty!


You can paint your car with Hello Kitty colors and decals, like these cars:



This VW shows a really cute way to decorate your car if you can’t do the whole car but want to show your love of Hello Kitty.


Or how about this white Prius?


You could even redo the interior completely with all things Hello Kitty, like this car:


These are all supercute, however, my favorite Hello Kitty car is this beautiful Bugatti:


Isn’t it just super kawaii?!


Why stop at just cars? How about your moped or motorcycle? Hello Kitty makes everything look super cute!

http://www.savingadvice.com/images/blog/hello-kitty-scooter2.jpg       https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/8b/ba/04/8bba049887dba44277b45cea34906430.jpg

Or how about this cute motorcycle with sidecar?


And now you can get Hello Kitty leathers to stay safe while riding!


Of course, helmets are also on the list of every safety-conscious Hello Kitty biker.


Other Vehicles

You can put Hello Kitty on any vehicle, like on your camper, truck or minivan.




Do you own a sailboat? This might be something to consider:


These are just some of the ways that Hello Kitty fans are channeling their inner Hello Kitty and showing it off to the world!



Even the military seems to have gotten on board with Hello Kitty. I don’t think this personnel carrier is camouflaged for the field, but it’s great if you’re being a goodwill ambassador. Nothing says friendly more than Hello Kitty! Kawaii!


It’s the little details that often set a Hello Kitty fan apart. There are all kinds of wonderful Hello Kitty accessories to help you make your vehicle your own!

Check out these Hello Kitty exhaust pipes and rims – they are just supercute!

http://www.savingadvice.com/blogs/user_images2/cache/a8ce38fb17284824762fb227beb3d632.jpg    http://www.savingadvice.com/images/blog/hello-kitty-rims.jpg

You can also get Hello Kitty car seat covers and steering wheel covers, cup holders, car mats and even Hello Kitty rearview mirrors! Super kawaii!


And what kind of oil do Hello Kitty fans put in their cars? Why, Hello Kitty oil, of course!


Public Transportation

Did you know that some school buses in Japan feature Hello Kitty? I think it’s a wonderful way to go to school. Don’t you think so, too?


And adults can travel Hello Kitty style even if they don’t use their car, on this streetcar in Australia…


…this tram in Italy…


…and this bus in Japan.


They will definitely put a smile on your face each time you ride in one of them!

There’s even a pedicab decorated with Hello Kitty!


Needless to say, Hello Kitty is everywhere you want her to be. She’s just that supercute and friendly! So go forth and channel your inner Hello Kitty into your ride!

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Happy Birthday, Tuxedo Sam!

Tuxedo Sam’s birthday is May 12! He is a round, blue little penguin who loves to eat!

Tuxedo Sam was born in Antarctica and speaks Penguinese and English fluently.

Hello Kitty Hugging Tuxedo SamHis fashion sense is excellent, which is why you will always find him in a tuxedo. He loves bow ties and already has a collection of 365 bow ties!

Although Tuxedo Sam is a bit clumsy and naive, he is very personable and everyone loves him.

His best friend is Chip, a seal, whom he treats like a little brother. Speaking of brothers, Tuxedo Sam has two – Tam and Ham.

Tuxedo Sam will be celebrating his birthday with Chip and both of his brothers. Hello Kitty and all the gang are invited. There will be plenty to eat, of course, and Tuxedo Sam will be wearing his fanciest tux and bow tie!

Want to learn more about Hello Kitty’s loved ones?


Happy Birthday, Dear Daniel!

Happy Birthday, Dear Daniel!Hello Kitty’s dearest friend’s birthday is May 3rd! Here’s what you should know about Dear Daniel and his special relationship with Hello Kitty.

All About Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty have been friends since they were babies. Like Hello Kitty, he lives in London, along with his parents.

His real name is Daniel Starr, but everyone just calls him Dear Daniel because he is so well liked. He is a sensitive boy with cool-looking spiky hair. He finds wonder in even the smallest things in the world.

Daniel’s father is a photographer and Daniel wants to be one, too. He loves to take pictures of animals.

He once went on a trip with his family to Africa, where his father took a lot of safari pictures. That trip ended up becoming a world trip that lasted a long time, with the final stop in New York city.

When Daniel came back to London, he was very glad to see that Hello Kitty was there to greet him! They missed each other an awful lot while he was away.

Hello Kitty + Dear Daniel Forever

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel are inseparable and are the best of friends, so much so that he is officially her boyfriend. They love to hold hands and want to share their love with the world!

What will Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty will do to celebrate his birthday? Most likely he will have cheesecake, because that is his favorite food to eat, besides yogurt. Perhaps a New York cheesecake –  he did spend some time in the Big Apple before he came back home to Hello Kitty. That’s also where he learned to become a really good ballet dancer!

Celebrate Dear Daniel’s birthday with Hello Kitty

What will you do for Dear Daniel’s birthday? How about eating some cheesecake and going see a ballet? Sounds like fun!

You can also join Hello Kitty as she tries to find the perfect birthday gift for Dear Daniel in this charming book:

Hello Kitty, Hello Love!

Show Mom Your Love This Mother’s Day with Hello Kitty

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Show Mom Your Love This Mother's Day with Hello KittyMother’s Day is coming up on May 14th, and what better way to celebrate your super-special mom than with Hello Kitty? We’ve got a ton of supercute ideas for ways to make your mom’s day extra-special with Hello Kitty this year!

Breakfast with Hello KittyBreakfast with Hello Kitty

Perhaps the best start to Mother’s Day is to make mom a Hello Kitty breakfast in bed with Hello Kitty-emblazoned toast from the Hello Kitty toaster, or Hello Kitty shaped waffles from the Hello Kitty waffle maker. Or just bring your Hello Kitty plush to the breakfast table along with your Hello Kitty homemade Mother’s Day card!

Creating your own Hello Kitty Mother’s Day card is so much fun. But if you run out of time to make one (what with all of your other fabulous plans in the works), you can buy one too.

Take Hello Kitty Along

Hello Kitty goes anywhere and she loves everyone, so if you’re planning an outing with mom on Mother’s Day, taking Hello Kitty with you makes the outing just that much more extra special!

There are so many options! Whether it’s to the zoo, the beach or just to the park for a supercute picnic lunch, Hello Kitty is right there to celebrate your amazing mom with you. Be sure to bring your camera for lots of selfies with you, your mom, and Hello Kitty!

https://scontent-sjc2-1.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s480x480/e35/17932609_1851836051739344_9084104127394349056_n.jpgSpa & Shopping

How about a mani-pedi spa day with Hello Kitty decorations on your nails?

Or you could surprise your mom with a supercute Hello Kitty handbag or a classy Hello Kitty t-shirt. Ooh! Hello Kitty necklace or earrings! (Psst: You can get some really cute ones online here!)

How about a Hello Kitty shopping spree at a Hello Kitty store? There’s one at Universal Studios in Orlando, one in New York City and three in Los Angeles. They can also be found in the Seattle area, Denver area, and San Francisco Bay area. They are all over! There’s sure to be a location near you!

Hello Kitty Cafe

If you’re looking for something extra, extra special, you can celebrate your mother with some yummy food at the Hello Kitty Café or Hello Kitty Café Truck. The Hello Kitty Café is located in Irvine, California, and the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck goes all over the U.S.!

On May 6th the Hello Kitty Café Truck will be at Ridge Hill in Yonkers, New York and at Park Meadows in Lone Tree, Colorado.

On Mother’s Day weekend it will be at Assembly Row in Sommerville, Massachusetts and at Town Center Plaza in Leawood, Kansas. Other dates and places can be found on Facebook.com/HelloKittyCafé.

Travel Abroad

If you want to go traveling afar with mom on Mother’s Day, how does Italy sound? There’s a Hello Kitty bed and breakfast in Rome with very reasonable rates. And it’s centrally located!

You could go to Japan and visit Sanrio Puroland near Tokyo. It’s an indoor theme park for Hello Kitty and her compatriots from Sanrio.

Or how about Hello Kitty high tea at Genki Tei in Den Haag, Netherlands? It’s served in a Hello Kitty tea set and includes Hello Kitty cupcakes as well as yummy savory dishes!

Tea at Home

You could also buy your own Hello Kitty tea set and make tea for your mom with cute little sandwiches and cakes. I’m sure she will love that, especially if she loves Hello Kitty as much as you do!

You can buy Hello Kitty cookie cutters for your cookies and sandwiches. If you make the sandwiches shallow enough, like cucumber sandwiches, you can use the cookie cutter to make them Hello Kitty shaped!

If you’re putting together something at the last minute and can’t get the Hello Kitty cookie cutters in time, simply use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and frost it white with the signature red bow.

Baseball with Hello Kitty

Is your mom a baseball fan? The L.A. Dodgers are hosting a Hello Kitty night on May 25th! The tickets will include a Hello Kitty x Dodgers t-shirt. Even though the event isn’t on Mother’s Day, it’s still a great way to extend the Mother’s Day festivities and love all month long!

And if you’re already in the Los Angeles area, why not check out the Hello Kitty suite at the Line Hotel on Wilshire Blvd?

Hello Kitty Gifts Online

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for your extra-special Hello Kitty mom, visit our site at http://www.hellokittyculture.com/shop/.

However you do Mother’s Day, as long as Hello Kitty is a part of it, it will be a special Mother’s Day indeed!

Celebrate Easter with Hello Kitty

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Celebrate Easter with Hello Kitty Blog Banner ImageHere comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail…and guess who’s with him? Yes, you guessed it! Hello Kitty hops alongside him in a cute bunny outfit!

You can get Hello Kitty in pink, purple, turquoise, green or rainbow bunny ears and she is just too cute, as always! Or go with a big bunny outfit in pink. Still cute!

Ty Beanie Babies Hello Kitty Rainbow Bunny Ears Plush

 Hello Kitty Celebrates Easter Around the World

Hello Kitty likes to see what other countries do for Easter. Some of them are pretty fun! Did you know that in Sweden, the kids dress up as Easter witches, in old or discarded clothes and colorful headscarves and paint their cheeks bright red? Then they go from home to home exchanging their drawings or paintings for sweet treats. Sounds kind of like Halloween to me!

In Bermuda, they celebrate Easter by flying homemade kites, eating codfish and hot cross buns. The kite flying tradition is said to have come from a British officer who had trouble explaining Christ’s ascension and decided to use a kite, which traditionally is in the shape of a cross, to illustrate the ascension.

Corfu, Greece has another unique way to celebrate Easter. On Easter Saturday, they throw their pots and earthenware out their windows! Imagine the racket! They say it’s to ensure a new crop, to be gathered with new pots.

Now in the Czech Republic, there is a tradition of “Spanking,” where the young men spank the young women with willow branches decorated with ribbons. Now, it’s all in good fun, but according to legend, the willow is the first tree to bloom in the spring, so the branches are supposed to transfer the tree’s vitality and fertility to the women.

In parts of northwestern Europe, people build huge bonfires Easter Sunday and Monday. The history there seems to be to push away the darkness of the winter, and allow spring to finally take hold of the land. Nowadays, it’s just a great reason for communities to come together and have a great time!

Of course, here in the U.S., our President hosts the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn on Easter Monday. All the kids invited roll their colored hardboiled eggs with a large serving spoon. This sounds like a lot of fun! I wonder if Hello Kitty will be invited this year.

Put a Little (or a Lot!) of Hello Kitty into Your Easter Basket This Year!

Of course, there are also Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts in most countries. Hello Kitty has some surprises in store for your Easter basket! How about Hello Kitty Easter Egg Hunt candy?

Hello Kitty Candy Filled Easter Eggs 22 Count Ages 3

Or what about Hello Kitty with a baby chick? So adorable!!

HELLO KITTY – w/chick

You can find Hello Kitty Easter baskets and treat containers…

Hello Kitty Plush Basket

Plush Hello Kitty Easter Basket Set

Plus this little cutie, available in blue or pink:

Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg Squishy With Blue Bow

Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg Squishy With Pink Bow

Easter is so much fun with Hello Kitty! She enjoys the Easter egg hunts and loves chocolate! Really, she adores anything having to do with spring, like lambs and chicks. Check it out – so precious!

Ty Beanie Buddies Hello Kitty Lamb Suit (Large)

Hello Kitty Easter Chick

Isn’t that just adorable? Hello Kitty makes friends everywhere because she fits right in.

Hello Kitty also has her own fun Easter baskets, perfect for you and the little bunnies in your life!

Hello Kitty Pink Easter Bunny Plush Easter Basket with Hello Kitty Mini Dream Lite Pillow Pet, Ear Buds, Ty Nerd, Color Wonders and More

Hello Kitty Easter Basket

Hello Kitty’s plans for Easter include coloring Easter eggs and hiding them for her friends.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Easter Egg Decorating Kit

After a wonderful Easter breakfast, the great Easter egg hunt begins with lots of laughter, fun and friends! Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans round out the sweet treats.  Later, a baked ham and potatoes with spring vegetables – the traditional American Easter feast – is a perfect end to the perfect Easter!

What are your plans for Easter? Do they include Hello Kitty? I bet they definitely include chocolate bunnies!

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Hello Kitty Makes Appearance in New iPhone 7 Stickers Commercial

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Hello Kitty iPhone 7 Stickers Banner - HK Culture

If you’ve watched any TV lately, certainly you’ve seen the new iPhone 7 stickers commercial. It’s been everywhere.

And 18 seconds into the long version of this bustling commercial, which you can watch below, you’ll see none other than our very own fav: Hello Kitty!

That’s right: Hello Kitty is among the stickers you can send to friends via iMessage on the new iPhone. In fact, Hello Kitty is one of only a few brands featured in the new 1-minute commercial.

Even better, you actually have more than one Hello Kitty sticker to choose from! The new iMessage stickers actually feature Hello Kitty in a variety of poses and with several different sayings. You can find them all through the App Store on the iPhone.

Accessorize Your iPhone 7

If you’ve got the iPhone 7 and are planning on using the new stickers, we’ve got some great Hello Kitty cases to accessorize your phone and show off your love of your favorite character! You can choose from sequined cases to something sleek and subtle.

Check out our top Hello Kitty iPhone 7 case options here:

iPhone 7 Case, Express Prime Case, Phenix-Color 3D Cute Cartoon Hello Kitty Soft Silicone Gel Back Cover Case for 4.7 inches iPhone 7 (2016 Release) Case Amp Prime

iPhone 7 Plus Case, Express Prime Case, Phenix-Color 3D Cute Cartoon Hello Kitty Soft Silicone Gel Back Cover Case for 5.5 inches iPhone 7 Plus (2016 Release) Case Amp Prime

iPhone 7 Plus Rhinestone Case,iPhone 7 Plus Crystal Diamond Case,3D Handmade Luxury Sparkle Bling Diamond Crystal Rhinestone Clear Hard Back Phone Case Cover For iPhone 7 Plus

See More iPhone 7 Cases Here

Using iPhone 7 Stickers

Other than Hello Kitty, of course, which other stickers are your favorite in the new iPhone commercial? Which ones do you actually plan to use? Let us know by sending us a message either on Facebook or Twitter.

Enjoy the new iPhone stickers, everybody!

How Can Hello Kitty Fans Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? With Cookies, of Course!

St. Patrick's Day Cookies - Hello Kitty Culture

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with St. Paddy’s Day-themed Hello Kitty cookies!

Can’t draw? No problem! We’ve discovered a nifty tool to help you create realistic Hello Kitty cookies, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

Here’s an eight-step process you can follow to make some delectable and eye-appealing Hello Kitty cookies for St. Patrick’s Day, as long as you pick up one of the tools we mention below:

Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Hello Kitty ImagesHello Kitty St. Patrick's Day

Surf the web to find a Hello Kitty image (or several images) that you want to put on your cookies. Look for images that are simple, that will be easy to trace and only have a few places to fill in color. Coloring book images are best because they are already designed to be simple. Try a web search for “hello kitty coloring book” and then go to the image results.

Step 2: Use a Tool to Project Your Hello Kitty Image

Diehard bakers can use the Kopykake Projector, which uses a projector to superimpose your image of choice over your cookie or cake. But, if you’re not ready to drop $150-plus for the KopyKake, how about a less expensive, and more modern, option?

The Camera Lucida app is only $5 and will overlay your Hello Kitty image (or any image for that matter) from the rear camera of your iPhone or iPad onto a cookie or cake. You’ll need something to hold your device over your work area, like a stack of books. Then, with your Hello Kitty image loaded into the app, test out the process with pencil and paper to get the hang of tracing with your hand while looking through the app.

Step 3: Bake the Cookies

Next, bake a batch of your favorite sugar cookies, making sure they are large enough to trace your Hello Kitty image onto later. You can also use other types of cookie recipes – such as gingerbread – as long as they’re the type that roll out flat for a smooth surface.

Bonus Tip: You can also use this process to decorate a cake! So feel free to forward this how-to guide to your BFF when they ask you what kind of cake you want for your birthday.

Step 4: Create the Base Layer of Icing

Once your cookies have cooled, spread a layer of icing over the surface of the cookie as your background color. For St. Patrick’s Day, it should be green, of course. Let the icing cool so that it is firm when you start the next step: tracing.

Step 5: Trace the Hello Kitty Image onto the Cookies

Move the cookies to the place where you have your iPad propped over your work surface. One at a time, place a cookie underneath and use the Camera Lucida app to project your Hello Kitty image onto the cookie. Trace the outline of the drawing in frosting using a piping bag. Allow the frosting to cool and harden before moving on to the next step.

Step 6: Fill in Your Hello Kitty Design

Using a piping bag with a wider tip, or a plastic zip bag with a corner cut off, fill in each section of the design. It’s like a coloring book, only with frosting!

Step 7: Add the Finishing Touches

After the previous layer of frosting has set, put your cookie back under the projected image and trace on the final details like the mouth, nose, eyes, etc.

Step 8: Impress Your Family, Friends and Fellow Hello Kitty Fans

Green Hello Kitty St. Patricks Day Cookies

Image credit: SuzDaily.com

This is the step where you show off your love of Hello Kitty – and St. Paddy’s Day – with your totally awesome cookies. Feel free to take full credit for being a talented artist, or let your friends in on your secret technique.

Either way, you’ll end up savoring some delicious cookies that just taste better because they have Hello Kitty on them! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, fellow Hello Kitty fans! We hope the Hello Kitty designs on your cookies turn out perfectly and that they taste amazing!

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