Celebrate Easter with Hello Kitty

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Celebrate Easter with Hello Kitty Blog Banner ImageHere comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail…and guess who’s with him? Yes, you guessed it! Hello Kitty hops alongside him in a cute bunny outfit!

You can get Hello Kitty in pink, purple, turquoise, green or rainbow bunny ears and she is just too cute, as always! Or go with a big bunny outfit in pink. Still cute!

Ty Beanie Babies Hello Kitty Rainbow Bunny Ears Plush

 Hello Kitty Celebrates Easter Around the World

Hello Kitty likes to see what other countries do for Easter. Some of them are pretty fun! Did you know that in Sweden, the kids dress up as Easter witches, in old or discarded clothes and colorful headscarves and paint their cheeks bright red? Then they go from home to home exchanging their drawings or paintings for sweet treats. Sounds kind of like Halloween to me!

In Bermuda, they celebrate Easter by flying homemade kites, eating codfish and hot cross buns. The kite flying tradition is said to have come from a British officer who had trouble explaining Christ’s ascension and decided to use a kite, which traditionally is in the shape of a cross, to illustrate the ascension.

Corfu, Greece has another unique way to celebrate Easter. On Easter Saturday, they throw their pots and earthenware out their windows! Imagine the racket! They say it’s to ensure a new crop, to be gathered with new pots.

Now in the Czech Republic, there is a tradition of “Spanking,” where the young men spank the young women with willow branches decorated with ribbons. Now, it’s all in good fun, but according to legend, the willow is the first tree to bloom in the spring, so the branches are supposed to transfer the tree’s vitality and fertility to the women.

In parts of northwestern Europe, people build huge bonfires Easter Sunday and Monday. The history there seems to be to push away the darkness of the winter, and allow spring to finally take hold of the land. Nowadays, it’s just a great reason for communities to come together and have a great time!

Of course, here in the U.S., our President hosts the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn on Easter Monday. All the kids invited roll their colored hardboiled eggs with a large serving spoon. This sounds like a lot of fun! I wonder if Hello Kitty will be invited this year.

Put a Little (or a Lot!) of Hello Kitty into Your Easter Basket This Year!

Of course, there are also Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts in most countries. Hello Kitty has some surprises in store for your Easter basket! How about Hello Kitty Easter Egg Hunt candy?

Hello Kitty Candy Filled Easter Eggs 22 Count Ages 3

Or what about Hello Kitty with a baby chick? So adorable!!

HELLO KITTY – w/chick

You can find Hello Kitty Easter baskets and treat containers…

Hello Kitty Plush Basket

Plush Hello Kitty Easter Basket Set

Plus this little cutie, available in blue or pink:

Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg Squishy With Blue Bow

Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg Squishy With Pink Bow

Easter is so much fun with Hello Kitty! She enjoys the Easter egg hunts and loves chocolate! Really, she adores anything having to do with spring, like lambs and chicks. Check it out – so precious!

Ty Beanie Buddies Hello Kitty Lamb Suit (Large)

Hello Kitty Easter Chick

Isn’t that just adorable? Hello Kitty makes friends everywhere because she fits right in.

Hello Kitty also has her own fun Easter baskets, perfect for you and the little bunnies in your life!

Hello Kitty Pink Easter Bunny Plush Easter Basket with Hello Kitty Mini Dream Lite Pillow Pet, Ear Buds, Ty Nerd, Color Wonders and More

Hello Kitty Easter Basket

Hello Kitty’s plans for Easter include coloring Easter eggs and hiding them for her friends.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Easter Egg Decorating Kit

After a wonderful Easter breakfast, the great Easter egg hunt begins with lots of laughter, fun and friends! Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans round out the sweet treats.  Later, a baked ham and potatoes with spring vegetables – the traditional American Easter feast – is a perfect end to the perfect Easter!

What are your plans for Easter? Do they include Hello Kitty? I bet they definitely include chocolate bunnies!

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