Happy Birthday, Dear Daniel!

Happy Birthday, Dear Daniel!Hello Kitty’s dearest friend’s birthday is May 3rd! Here’s what you should know about Dear Daniel and his special relationship with Hello Kitty.

All About Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty have been friends since they were babies. Like Hello Kitty, he lives in London, along with his parents.

His real name is Daniel Starr, but everyone just calls him Dear Daniel because he is so well liked. He is a sensitive boy with cool-looking spiky hair. He finds wonder in even the smallest things in the world.

Daniel’s father is a photographer and Daniel wants to be one, too. He loves to take pictures of animals.

He once went on a trip with his family to Africa, where his father took a lot of safari pictures. That trip ended up becoming a world trip that lasted a long time, with the final stop in New York city.

When Daniel came back to London, he was very glad to see that Hello Kitty was there to greet him! They missed each other an awful lot while he was away.

Hello Kitty + Dear Daniel Forever

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel are inseparable and are the best of friends, so much so that he is officially her boyfriend. They love to hold hands and want to share their love with the world!

What will Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty will do to celebrate his birthday? Most likely he will have cheesecake, because that is his favorite food to eat, besides yogurt. Perhaps a New York cheesecake –  he did spend some time in the Big Apple before he came back home to Hello Kitty. That’s also where he learned to become a really good ballet dancer!

Celebrate Dear Daniel’s birthday with Hello Kitty

What will you do for Dear Daniel’s birthday? How about eating some cheesecake and going see a ballet? Sounds like fun!

You can also join Hello Kitty as she tries to find the perfect birthday gift for Dear Daniel in this charming book:

Hello Kitty, Hello Love!